Take your Business Forward with QR Codes

Take your Business Forward with QR Codes: 4 Brilliant Examples of QR Codes Usage

4 Brilliant Examples of QR Codes Usage

Nowadays QR codes are practically everywhere but there is more to these funny-looking white and black squares than what you see at first glance. As phones got smarter, QR (quick response) codes revolutionised advertising by directly engaging the potential customer, allowing him or her to go to the company website right away. Everyday new businesses are starting to use it in their marketing campaigns and communication channels.

Don’t get left behind, here are some awesome examples of how QR codes can benefit your business!

Show choice

Is a sure-fire way to enhance your customers’ dining experience! The phone camera scans the QR code leading to a mobile website where one sees a virtual menu and wine suggestions by country, type or meal. Help the customers pick, choose and combine to find their own unique taste!

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The hidden sound campaign

“The city is alive with sounds if you know where to look.”

A Chinese alternative music seller painted animal graffiti art on the streets of the city, comprised of QR codes. Scan a code, listen to the song, read about the artist, if you like it -- buy it!  Talk about creative advertising!


Starbucks Card Mobile

No cash? No cards? No problem!

Never again worry about not having the money to pay for your coffee, you can pay with your very own Starbucks mobile QR code. The concept is simple: the customer enters his or her Starbucks Card information into the app, in the cafe a barista or a machine scans the secure QR code and voilà -- fresh coffee is yours!


TESCO: The store comes to people

The cyber age? Yeah, it’s here. In South Korea people spend a lot of time commuting to and from work, not leaving them much time for their grocery shopping, so Tesco created virtual-factual grocery stores in subway stations. The company put up displays which, at first glance, are no different from the ones in an actual grocery store. Each image of a product is labelled with a QR code, the customer scans the codes for the groceries he or she wishes to purchase and picks a suitable time of delivery. This approach is a real breakthrough in online shopping.


Useful tools

If you are keen on a trendy design and want to make your code brand suitable, you can use a variety of online QR code generators. For example, qrcode.cx or http://goqr.me.

If you want to make a personally styled QR code, here is a nice tutorial on that.

Some more ideas to use QR codes

Here are a few other examples of QR code implementation:

1. Cards, posters and outdoor advertising with scrambled messages and wishes;

2. Sales and specials: you can show a QR code on your mobile to scan the code for sales;

4. Google-mapping: use QR codes to bring attention to places of interest;

5. E-tickets;

6. Business cards with a QR coded link;

7. Architectural design;

8. Marketing campaigns.

Can you think of others?

Don’t forget that sometimes you need a sneak peek for your customers – what program to download to read this code, what they will receive if they scan it. Be sure to show a clear reason to scan your QR code so it will be an instant advertising and marketing channel for your business.

There are many different ways to use this amazing instrument for your product strategy and promotion. With just a little brainstorming you can start on the creation of mobile sites, e-stores, special sales or even application downloads all with the help of a little road sign called the QR code! Magora Systems' team will be happy to help you out with your QR code strategy. 


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April 07, 2014
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