The 49 Best-designed iPhone Apps to Inspire your Project

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The 49 Best-designed iPhone Apps to Inspire your Project

Dive into the world of the best-designed iPhone apps and find some inspiration for your business!

Top iPhone business mobile applications

Exploit the possibilities of mobile apps to improve your team-level communication, increase the quality of your customer service and manage your finances.

1. Cardhop


Your contact list has never been as organised. Email addresses, phone numbers, birthdays and locations for you to always be in touch with important people.
Worth trying.

2. Mint

mint business app for ios

Want to control your income and spending? Then this iPhone application is a must. Mint brings together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments in one convenient UI.

3. Packr


Always forgetting important stuff when going on a trip? Packr has plenty of checklists to help you pack for wherever you’re going.

4. SimpleMind

simple mind

Mind-mapping aids to you get your thoughts in order, memorise things and generate fresh ideas. Boost your creativity with a stylish-looking tool.

5. Square Point of Sale


If you’re a small business, you know how hard it is to survive if you only accept cash. Use Square to accept card payments.
Reminder: physical card reader needed.

6. Paper

paper app

A tool for designers that you can also use when you need to visualise your concepts on your iPhone or just take illustrative notes.

7. Memento


Find it impossible to keep everything in your head without forgetting something important? Luckily, you can type everything you need to do into Memento and it’ll send you reminders to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

8. 1Password


1Password keeps your passwords safe and secure behind a single password that only you know. Cool when you have a lot of email addresses and business accounts.

9. Skype for Business


Skype for Business helps you stay in touch with your partners and colleagues anywhere. Exchange files, organise calls and share your screen, take photos, send voice messages and maintain your privacy when needed.

  • Talking of my personal experience in using these perfectly-designed iPhone apps, I think that mind-mapping is a cool way to remember stuff. I also really like the idea of Paper. Even though I don’t have to make any sketches for work, I think this kind of vintage design is super cool.

Productivity applications

Working 24 hours a day is not how you achieve maximum productivity! Luckily, there are apps out there to help us concentrate or, on the contrary, relax after a long working day. Check them out!

10. Todoist


Need an interactive to-do list on your iPhone that’s easy to manage? Download Todoist now. It keeps track of everything you do and sends reminders if necessary.

11. Timeview


Manages your calendar and shows you the statistics for different time periods. Designed especially for your personal life optimisation.

12. Fabulous

fabulous business app iphone

When you lack motivation and your energy levels are close to zero, open Fabulous. It helps you absorb new daily routines into your life to make it better. It has plenty of tasks to increase your energy and keep you focused.

13. The Mindfulness Applications


Meditation has been scientifically proven to improve productivity and quality of life. With Meditation, you can dedicate 10-15 minutes a day to pull yourself together through guided meditations, even if you’ve never tried meditation before.

14. Forest

forest app

Forest helps you to keep away from the phone by setting timers. While the timer runs, a tree goes there on the screen. The better you resist the temptation, the cuter your forest will be. You can even participate in the program and donate to grow a real tree and support the environment!

  • I’m the sort of person who’s easily distracted, and Forest is truly the best at working some magic in helping me concentrate. It sets the timer for 25 minutes, during which you’re not supposed to touch your smartphone. What’s more, after 25 minutes, you forget all about checking Telegram or Facebook and are just so engaged in your work!

Self-education platforms

When you’re an entrepreneur, there are certain skills you need more than others – like speed-reading or being able to speak foreign languages. I’ve made a list of useful and attractive apps that can teach you whatever new skill you need, so you won’t have to abandon your self-development because of a busy schedule.

15. Duolingo


The most popular app for learning any foreign language the easy way. Particularly good if you need to learn fast and be able to communicate while travelling.

16. Lumosity


Doing brain exercises now is guaranteed to pay off in the future. Lumosity helps you squeeze the maximum potential out of your brain, improving memory and logical thinking in a fun and interactive way. Add it to your list of favourite iOS apps and increase your IQ daily.

17. Udemy


udemy app

On this platform, you’ll find free and paid courses for learning practically anything. The overall quality of courses offered is pretty high, so certainly keep it in mind if you need to learn something new.

18. Spreeder


After you download or get a hard copy of a book you like, you probably want to read it as fast as you can. Spreeder is one of the best apps to help you to learn speed reading.

19. Goodreads


Reading is the key to discovering new ideas and enriching your knowledge. With Goodreads, you can discover book reviews, see what your friends are reading and add the books you like to your wish list.

  • Personally, I prefer more old-fashioned ways of studying languages, although Duolingo can still be quite effective for extra practice. I love the idea of Lumosity, which helps you to perfect the most important tool there is – your brain – but with the free version, you got a lot of adverts, pushing you to go for the paid one.

Photo editors

It’s more than likely that you have a profile on Instagram. You probably know everything about creating visual content already, but in case you’re looking for some new tools, here are a couple of advanced photo editors you might enjoy. Use them on your personal or corporate profile.

20. Snapseed


A top photo editor that offers a lot of filters, colour correction mode, healing and cropping etc. An editing tool designed as a powerful analogue to Photoshop for basic needs on your mobile device.

21. Pixelmator Photo

Apple proclaimed this app one of the best at their yearly WWDC conference at the beginning of June 2019. Pixelmator gives you the tools you need for photo editing at a professional level.

22. Glitch ArtStudio


glitchart studio

Adds distortive filters to your photos and videos to make them look extra creative and kind of hipstery. If these stylistics go well with your brand, don’t hesitate to use it.

23. Maxcurve


The app for Photoshopping like a pro uses colour curves to make all of your photos unique. It balances RGB, lightness and contrast to achieve amazing results.

24. Addy

addy app

This app adds cool fonts to your photos to make them more unique and remind you of the brightest moments. Utilise the app to make your business accounts on social networks more personalised.

25. Visionist


Visionist employs computer vision to turn your selfies into original artworks with the help of neural networks. All this technology and all these aesthetics in your smartphone!

26. Pic Collage

pic collage

Anytime you want to create a collage of your photos with commercial partners, friends or pets, use this app with cool effects and powerful tools for editing.

  • Visionist sounds like a pretty interesting iOS app to play with because you don’t know what to expect. It reminds us of the 2010s when oil painting or pencil draft filters were considered “cool”. The app I would certainly use is Maxcurve. Its professionally-designed interface lets it without any extra effort from you.

Entertainment and games

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".

It’s scientifically proven that work is much more productive if you leave yourself some space to relax. If you’re looking for some exciting apps for your leisure time we’re more than happy to give you some ideas.

27. Netflix


This TV streaming service is now an international leader in the field of entertainment. You can watch any of most popular series and movies online or download them and get recommendations based on your preferences. Available by subscription.

28. Pocket Casts


For those who love listening to podcasts while driving or washing the dishes, this app is a must. The most high-quality podcasts on a powerful platform with great designs.

29. Genies


Super-personalised avatars that you can send to your friends. The creators claim that soon every person will need a genie to represent their unique identities in the digital world. The genies are integrated with the most popular social networks and messengers like Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

30. Songbirds

songbirds game

Make music by moving the birds around beautiful screens. Each then makes a particular sound, which you can record if you like the melody.

31. The Gardens Between

the gardens app ios

A beautifully-designed single-player adventure game made to relax and inspire. Also labelled one of the best apps in the store in 2019 by Apple themselves.

32. Reeder 4

reeder 4

Reeder 4 makes your online reading experience much more user-friendly. All of the articles you open are arranged within a single interface like in a stylish digest. Syncs with iCloud and other services.

33. Capo Touch

capo touch

Helps you learn any song by breaking audio files up into chords. Your chance to master your favourite guitar song without a teacher.

  • Like everyone else, I enjoy a fun, colourful app. Genies seems to fit the bill. I’m already hooked on it and think it’s super funny. Shame my friends have no idea what it is.

Apps for a happy life

A set of apps are there simply to make your life more healthy, free and convenient: they’ll teach you how to cook, serve as your personal fitness instructor or make sure you get rid of your nasty habits. Are you ready? Then check them out.

34. Musement


Musement saves you time in queues by letting you buy transport and museum tickets online. It also makes customised touristy routes for you wherever in the world you go.

35. Facebook Local


facebook local


This app helps you organise parties with your friends on Facebook by sending invites and helping to find the best bars and restaurants in your area. You can also use it to make appointments and arrange business meetings.

36. Flipboard


A personalised news feed in a stylish red design that’ll help you share and discover the most high-quality content. The Guardian, The New York Times, National Geographic and more can be connected in one customised online “journal” for you to enjoy.

37. My Fitness Pal

my fitness pal

For all those on a diet, trying to get back into shape, or just get healthy. Plan your workouts and diets, count calories, create your own recipes and use all the advanced functionality of this app for a healthier lifestyle.

38. Productive - Habit Tracker


productive habit tracker


How often do you want to get rid of your bad habits? Or form new positive ones like going for a run every morning? Productive - Habit Tracker can help. It helps you plan your day in a way that’s conducive to forming healthy new habits and routines.

39. Zombies, run!

zombies run

A jogging trainer and an audio adventure in one. Zombies, run is a quest for those who can only be motivated to run if a bunch of zombies are after them. Every run is a mission where you have one goal – escape the zombies. Don’t forget your earphones.

40. Tasty


The hardest part about cooking delicious meals is not knowing what to cook. With Tasty, you’ll get plenty of original easy-to-cook receipts for every day as well as special occasions. Also has video instructions.

41. Forks over Knives

forks over knives

Sophisticated recipes from 20 world-leading chefs will make a pleasing change to your daily eating habits – all the meals will turn healthy and low in calories. The app syncs with your shopping list so that no ingredient is left out.

42. Cyclemeter


If you ride a bike, you’ll totally appreciate this advanced app for cyclists. It builds routes, analyses statistics, tracks your heartbeat and the bike’s cadence and more. It also supports running, walking, skating, skiing and many other activities.  

  • And the winner is...Zombies, run! Sounds exactly as exciting as it truly is. I honestly think that AR is our future in both education and entertainment. It’s not as difficult to implement as VR. And it doesn’t demand any extra equipment.


Finally, we’ve collected a bunch of web-designed e-commerce apps that are used to sell products. More than likely they’ll inspire you to make an iOS app for your very own idea.

43. BloomandWild - A flower delivery service.

44. Glasses - Uses AR technology to fit glasses to your face. A practice that every shop should acquire.

45. Wine-searcher - An online shop for wine that lets you buy nearby for the best price.

46. Classify - Helps to classify your merch by assigning an individual code to every item. Uses a camera and simplifies a lot the process of classification.

47. Groupon - Well-made app with discount coupons.

48. Starbucks - Not to make customers wait in line, Starbucks made it possible to order ahead via an app.

49. Screenshop - Lets you shop the look by uploading an image.

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