Top 11 Apps for Book Lovers to Download Now

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Best apps for book lovers in a nutshell

Want to get your hands on a new book as soon as it’s announced? No need to wait days for delivery or carry a heavy volume around. Our app development team have decided to share with your our favourite book apps for iOS and Android to make your life brighter.

Best electronic book app subscriptions and more

1. Amazon Kindle

amazon kindle

Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular e-reader apps for smartphones. The app is connected with Amazon, which is very convenient. Once you buy a digital copy on the shopping platform, it immediately appears in your Kindle account. Using the app is a real pleasure since the interface is so clear and well-designed. What’s more, it’s free of charge.

2. OverDrive

one of the most popular apps for book readers

Lets you borrow ebooks and audiobooks from more than 30,000 libraries online. If you haven’t found your local library in OverDrive, don’t worry. Your area is probably supported by some other application. Many countries have already adopted this system. Usually, such apps are made by major book publishers that collaborate with public libraries.

3. Goodreads

top ebook applications for book lovers

Do you lack the feeling of community that comes with joining book clubs? Or need somewhere to browse for new books and exchange opinions? In this app, you’ll find plenty of book reviews from real readers who’ll be able to advise you on your new favourite books. You can also invite your friends and see what they’re reading.

4. Marvin 3

marvin 3

An e-book reader for iOS. Unlike Apple Books or Kindle, it has a highly customisable interface and as of today is the best reader for Apple smartphones. Marvin 4 app helps you read nonfiction books with the help of the highlights feature. It synchronises across different devices and lets you make posts to Twitter and Facebook directly.

5. Leio

leio app

Let’s be honest – we don’t read as much as we wish to. Sometimes, it’s useful to develop a certain discipline if you want to spend half an hour with a book instead of some other daily routine. Leio is a mobile tracker that helps you keep track of all your reading stats. In one place you have info about all the books you’re reading, e.g. how much time you spend on each one daily. You can plan your reading using a reading planner for self-growth.

6. Serial Reader

serial reader

If concentrating on a book is still hard for you but you feel it’s impossible to make progress in your proficiency or personal growth without doing so, Serial Reader is your choice among other ebook apps. Serial Reader breaks up each publication into small 20-minute sets to read without strain. Gradually, you’ll form a daily habit. Try it out and keep us posted about the results.

7. Blinklist


To become a professional or grow a business, you need to learn. These days, however, we’re all too busy and don’t have time for 500-page volumes. Also, some books do have interesting thoughts to offer but too much futile rhetoric as well. Blinklist solves this problem by providing short notes on non-fiction books. This way you get to enjoy a substantial part of the book while spending only a matter of minutes getting to the key point.

8. Comixology


Love comics but have no space to store them? Simply download this app where you can buy and download comics in e-form from different artists all over the world.

9. We read too

children book app

On long trips with children, when you already have a lot to carry, this application is especially useful. We read too runs only on iOS, but it’s a great app for reading books on smartphones. So, you can use the app to avoid collecting junk and prevent natural resource waste and your children will be happy to hear a new book every day.

10. Poetry

poetry app

With this app, you get access to the best examples of classical poetry. Perform searches by author, title or memorable lines. No need to buy several separate volumes when you have them all in one place, one click away.


11. The Pickle Index

pickle index app

You’ll appreciate this interactive book where the reader is more than just a passive figure – they’re one of the main characters. Quizzes, puzzles and mini-games that will fully immerse you into a fantasy world. That’s what The Pickle Index is. 

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