15 Best Pranking Apps to Troll your Mates

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The best 15 pranking apps for 2019


Hilarious mobile applications to fool your family and friends


Mobile applications help us communicate, study and perform daily tasks. But we all need to have some fun too, and then a cool, entertaining app can turn up at just the right moment. Here our developers have collected the fifteen best prank apps for smartphones to help make you the star of the party 


Spooky apps

1. Scare Your Friends

If you watch horror films, you know how much film directors like to use jump scares – unanticipated visual and sound effects that scare the hell out of you. High time to bring some to real life!

  • After you download the program, choose a fearsome picture and whatever sounds you find most terrifying. Then, set the timer and have one of your mates use your phone. Enjoy.

Recommend it to everybody, checked it. I got scared.

Liliana Yakubova December 14, 2018

 2. Scary Prank: Scare your friends   

This application is pretty similar to the previous one. At first, it appears to be a simple mobile game. When, all of a sudden a terrible ghost appears on the screen, the camera registers your friend’s face.

  • The developers have tested this app and claim it’s super fun.

I fainted

TheIlyaPlay July 24, 2018

 3. Smart IR Remote

Use the best remote-control app to frighten your friends to bits! Is there anything more awful than your TV changing channels and altering volume uncontrollably?

  • Simply install a remote control program on your mobile device and you have total power over your flatmate’s TV in the next room. Moreover, this mobile software is compatible with air conditioners and digital cameras, which leaves us with even more trolling opportunities.

Very nice Works perfectly. The developers actively help and add new features to the program

Alex Fill February 10, 2016 

Scary apps

4. Bee sounds


A bee is definitely not a creature you want to deal with, especially if it’s right next to you and ready to sting!

  • You can rattle your family members or friends with this application that makes loud buzzing noises so similar to bees. 

Great app Let's just say thIs app is fabeelous

Levi Venable July 23, 2015

5. Stun Gun Prank

Your phone will vibrate exactly like a real stun gun when you press it to your friend’s back. For a moment, they will really feel like they’ve been stunned.

  • Do not forget to take a video! 


Crazy Unicorn November 18,  2014

6. Broken Screen Prank

Your friends consider you the gentlest person ever? Not anymore. Prove to them that you can be as tough as Schwarzenegger and crush mobile phone screens with your finger!

  • The cracks will appear on your phone screen after you touch it with a loud crackling noise. No harm to your phone but looks very realistic! 

This is so cool! Can’t stop)

Google User November 15, 2018 

Toot apps

7. Loud Pocket Horns

Produce loud noises at a party, a football match or in the middle of a talk with your friends to scare them. Isn’t it great to carry a horn in your pocket?

  • You can choose from a variety of different horn noises and regulate the volume. Annoy your friends as many times a day as you wish.

The app is very cool sounds like a real horn! Recommend it Thanks to the developers for this app

Google user 7 July, 2018

8. Rubber Chicken

When you’re done with the previous application and your relatives and loved ones no longer jump at the honking sounds, you’d better reach a new level in making people feel stupid. For example, pay attention to the screaming Rubber Chicken.

  • Only God knows why the developers created it. But you can use the program to scare and surprise people. The sound is in fact really annoying. 

A very good game))

Almas Yanturin November 28, 2015 

9. Fart Sounds – iFart

After the product was first released for AppStore in 2008, it remained the most popular app for a year. In 2016, it was remade for Android so that owners of Samsung, Huawei and Nokia devices could enjoy it too.

  • It’s up to you to decide if you find this amusing. If so, literally “schedule the fart” and hide your mobile device near the person you want to embarrass.    

The best app!!! And for those who don’t like it it is hard to make apps and don’t criticise until you learn to make better apps and after that criticise

luckyHunter's 2.0 October 27, 2017


Prank call apps

10. Fake Caller ID 

Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation, wanting to escape a boring date or a family gathering? Only an unexpected call from work could have saved you but as luck would have it, nobody was calling. With this app, you’ll be able to escape any boring meeting by scheduling a call in advance.

  • You can also download it to a friend’s device. Since the settings for a number and a contact name are customisable, pick some celebrity’s name like “Queen Elizabeth” or “Benedict Cumberbatch” and set the timer. Now watch your friend answer it! 

Thank you so much!

AvaNo August 21, 2018

11. Caller ID Faker

The most classical way to fool and annoy people remain prank calls. Caller ID Faker is the best prank call app for Android. It lets you hide your number while calling someone who already has it.

  • Then, your own creativity steps into the game. This software is free and prank calls are unlimited.


Mir Eli April 16,  2017


Photo prank apps

12. Ghost Lens

People have always tried to capture guests from the other world on camera.

  • Now you can do so with this mobile program and then fool people you know into thinking it’s real. Apply one of many filters to make a mysterious silhouette appear behind your backs.

Just AWESOME. I shoot videos and it helps me A LOT. Nice and cool effects. I REALLY LIKE IT.

Katya Cat April 16, 2018


13. Dude Car Prank Pro

Has someone used some of these pranks on you? Get your revenge and wreck their car! Of course, not for real.

  • This photo edit program will make your friends think that something has happened to their car. Take a photo of a car and apply one or two filters. For example, make it look as though it’s been torched or seriously damaged.

I pranked my roommate cool app

Google user October 17, 2018

Messenger prank apps

14. Yazzy

Use this free prank text message app to create realistic Telegram, WhatsApp and iPhone SMS conversations. Yazzy’s evil power lies in the fact that in your conversations, you can make people say whatever you like. Then, publish them on social media where everyone can see them.

  • The app also has fake screens for Instagram and Twitter posts. The settings are highly customisable: you can change the battery level, background, names, avatars and so on.

It's an asome app, but it would be excellent if in the iPhone messages would be the option for send/recieve pictures, and choose de color of the delivery messages like green or blue.

Milla B.M August 10, 2018

15. Voice Changer

Record your voice and modify it with different effects. You’ll sound like a horrendous ghost, an alien or a diabolical monster.

  • What’s more, you can send an altered voice message directly via WhatsApp!

Wow seems like the best app I have found today. 5 stars. Yeah, can you add grandpa voice as well? Thanks in advance. The app is great!

lego mine November 28, 2018


P.S. Magora wishes you a lot of fun, good luck with your jokes and may the odds be ever in your favour.

And, by the way, here is the list of 10 fun apps to bring more joy into your life.


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