10 Brilliant Computer Games that Can Teach You How to Code

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10 Brilliant Computer Games that Can Teach You How to Code

Why you should start studying programming today

Coding is a skill that lets you create your own app, helps you develop logic and gives you confidence when dealing with the digital world. It can be useful when communicating your business idea to app developers.

Have fun with these 10 coding-training games and soon you’ll be creating your own app or website

5 best coding games for beginners

The Magora team has drawn up a list of 5 games accessible online where you can start programming. We recommend combining them with online or offline courses. However, some of these platforms also have tutorials and guides, and so might be enough to help you catch the basics.

Code Monkey

code monkey 

Start with an engaging and funny game where you can learn the essentials of computing logic and create your first games in HTML5 trying to catch bananas and feed the monkey. Originally, this game was designed as a classroom resource for kids, complete with explanations and guidance – but aren’t we all kids when trying to learn something?


code combat game 

CodeCombat is an interactive tool to help you learn programming on a basic level. It is organised as a multi-level game where you can obtain skills in web development, game programming or computer science by completing tasks and making progress in the game.


ruby warrior game 

Ruby is a dynamic, high-level, interpreted programming language widely used in web development. Learn how to write programs in this language using this cute little game. You’ll need to guide the warrior from level to level, giving your first commands in Ruby.  

CSS Diner


css diner


Knowing how CSS works is indispensable in web development. You can discover its tricks and idioms via a well-made online platform where you solve real programming tasks while sitting at the dining table.



In case you’re interested in learning JavaScript or Python, check out this game. These two are among the most popular and multi-purpose languages used in software development. It is suitable for absolute beginners as well as for more advanced programmers.

Top 5 advanced-level coding-study games

Once you’ve learned to program on a decent level, you can deepen your knowledge and use it to train others – or maybe you’re an advanced user of one programming language but your knowledge of others leaves much to be desired. In this case, be a teacher and a learner at the same time.

Coding game

coding game 

A huge advantage of Coding game is that it provides you with an opportunity to practice a variety of different languages, with 28 to choose from in all. The idea of the game is to destroy your competitors’ ships by writing quality code.



Build robot battle tanks in Java or .NET and participate in competitions with other bots. If your code is correct, virtual battles will be played out on your screen in real time.



On this platform, you can boost your programming skills by helping others learn. It offers a wide variety of different languages and challenges based on real-life coding problems created by programmers from all over the world.



The creators claim that this is the best open-source MMO sandbox for programmers in the world. In this game, you can create and manage your own colony by means of JavaScript coding. It offers a wide range of options for players and possibilities to practice real-life code in a fun way.



tis 100


There are many who claim that TIS-100 is the hardest of all coding games. It challenges you with complicated tasks where your logic and coding skills have to be applied in an original way. Even if you aren’t too sure of your programming skills just yet, try to solve them to develop your competence and confidence.

Have fun and increase your knowledge of programming with this great list of coding games.

If you don’t feel confident enough to code your own app and need professional developers to implement your project, contact our team.

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