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Did we mention? Magora designers have reached new heights!

It is crucial to understand your clients, so when the efforts bring efficient results and the public responds to us with good reviews we are more that happy with the accomplished work.

This time Magora team is sharing exciting news - we are ranked 5th in the “Top UK App Designers” rating!

Dribbble: Platform For Creative Designers

One of the most expressive and inspirational designer platforms that you can imagine! The community follows the concept of show and tell, allowing to share screenshots of their creative content for projects they work on. Dribbble unites all kinds of design enthusiasts - web and graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, etc. No wonder our passion for attractive user interface brought us to this platform as well.

As for today, the number of our subscribers on Dribbble moved us to fifth place among UK designers, that is exceptionally valued by Magora team.

Sadly, to view designers of this site you have to pay a certain amount of money, but we are more than happy to attach a screenshot that speaks for itself.

dribbble top five designers

No doubt, we always appreciate such feedback! Just recently our agency was placed among the best UK mobile development companies.

Your Business Helper - Clutch

A go-to platform, which collects data and compares agencies, to choose a partner for your development project. There you can be assured of quality competitors, read reviews and feedback from real clients. Surely, Magora has its place on such a platform, and recently we were ranked 7th in the UK top along with other leading mobile app developers. Moreover, Magora reached 2nd place in a similar ranking in Russia.

These rankings are not bias, on the contrary they are based on market studies, feedback review, and independent expertise.

Personal Consultant - Business of Apps

Not long ago Business of Apps has also mentioned Magora among the world’s top app development companies for 2017. The website itself is a guide for businessmen, who discover online marketing, monetisation and the overall industry of mobile development! We are pleased as ever to have independent opinion on the quality of the immerse work that went into each of our digital solutions.

There is nothing more to say but - thank you. For it is your gracious reviews that empower us to strive for higher goals andkeep us on our toes!



Director of Operations and Business Development
A seasoned technology expert and agile advocate, Alex brings over a decade of transformative expertise in the IT sector
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