Sponsored Data - A New Trend In Mobile Advertising

Sponsored Data Service - A New Trend With Potential Future Growth

Sponsored data

By sponsoring data, companies allow customers to see special content without impacting their monthly data plan allowance. This means the sponsored data is available at no additional cost to the customer. This service will offer the possibility for brands to sponsor connectivity to their customers, thus improving the customer-brand relationship and fostering closeness between them.

How does it work for your business?

It is a model that benefits both your company and clients.

  • You can choose some valuable data source with paid access, and pay the owner for sharing data from researches, or DB, or music collection.
  • Provide access for your targeted audience; they will be able to use the data for free, they will see that its sponsored data, with your company, and brand logo link to your website.  
  • By sponsoring the connection, you can increase engagement with consumers. It is a strategic tool, which has a wide impact on mobile marketing.
  • You can optimize campaigns and investments, create and expand a database of users, increase loyalty, boost conversion rates, find new leads, build awareness, and leverage more customers. This is beneficial for companies such as banking, or video apps, which may suffer from reduced online customers due to data restrictions, which in turn affects revenue and customer-brand ties.

How does it work for users?

Companies that use the sponsored data on their website or in their application will notify the user directly regarding sponsored data offers, eligibility, expiration, and other details. For example, when a customer accesses an application, within he may find a message from the provider, indicating that a feature is sponsored. Or if a customer accesses a mobile website that streams video content, he might see a notification that indicates the stream is sponsored.

When using sponsored content on websites and applications, the user will not be charged data usage.

It is a model in which everyone wins

The user obtains connectivity that does not affect his contracted data plan and can enjoy those apps/webs that are sponsored by companies. People are often cautious regarding the use of their data, always prioritizing their navigation on social networks and entertainment apps (80% of their activity digital) over another type of more corporate content. A percentage of customers with smartphones prefer to wait to connect to a WiFi network to enjoy some content offered by the Internet, thereby lengthening the life of the data of their plan or contract package, and that percentage is even higher when it comes to prepaid customers.


How do companies benefit?

Companies encourage the use of their digital channels, generating new income opportunities for online purchases, and optimization of costs associated with face-to-face and / or telephone service.

Many people who connect to the Internet do so from a smartphone and the use of apps covers more than 80% of the time spent in the digital world. This is the case of mobile banking, whose adoption has doubled in the last five years, because users are no longer willing to take long lines in banks to make a transaction, but instead take advantage of this alternative channel to interact with their banks.

As part of some banks to facilitate its digital customers access to its mobile banking app, the cost of using data that generate related transactions and queries through this channel, to the more than 500 thousand digital users, will be covered by the financial institution.

The future

As banks are committed to accelerating the digital adoption of its financial services through technology, other companies from different sectors will soon be ready to join the sponsored navigation as a new strategy of attention and customer relationship.





Max Summers
October 06, 2017
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