The New Google Analytics 360 Suite - Add Efficiency to Your Marketing Efforts

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Meet the new Google Analytics 360 Suite

Google offers prospects of high return on investment and efficient monitoring of everyday business processes with the new tools for marketers. Internet marketing is considered as one of the most cost-effective ways to attract new customers, but it’s not so simple to manage, especially for large projects. Let’s consider what options Google suggests to enterprise users with its new Google Analytics 360 Suit.

Make It Easy

Social surveys show that 60% of specialists consider existing analytical tools too complicated in use and requiring a lot of special knowledge and skills.

To make life of entrepreneurs easier, Google presented a new premium service for Internet marketers - Google Suite. It will enable a more detailed analysis of the audience, better personalization and higher productivity.

Taking a Close Look

The new Google Analytics 360 Suite incorporates six Google products for data gathering and online user behaviour analysis:

  • Google Audience Center 360. Data management platform intended for marketers to help define their target audience and find new users via marketing campaigns and other channels. The service operates with Google AdWord, Google DoubleClick, and other distributors of Internet ads.
  • Google Optimize 360. Site personalization testing service. Using this tool you can offer your customers different interfaces to choose the one with the best feedbacks.
  • Google Data Studio 360. Platform for data analysis and visualisation. Gathers all data collected by other services in one report based on Google Docs technology.  
  • Google Tag Manager 360. Upgraded tag tracking tool. Google developers streamlined the way to collect codes and added API to enhance the data accuracy and optimise business processes.
  • Google Analytics 360. Storage of client data, gathered by Google techs. The service is integrated with Google tools to help marketers improve efficiency.
  • Google Attribution 360. This tool is intended for budget allocation on marketing campaigns and other expenses.

As Babak Pahlavan, Director of Product Management, Google, declared, this new service will help you understand the steps a client takes before making a purchase.

What to Expect

So, have you already used Google Analytics? There are some familiar products with new names and also some new tools rolling out soon. Here are the scenarios Google suggests for regular customers and newcomers.

1. Regular Google Analytics 360 Customers

If you are already a Google Analytics 360 customer, Google will prime you to take advantage of the new suit as it becomes available. You are supposed to get an invitation to try betas for the new products, though this offer may be for a limited trial time. As a part of the license, you will get Google Tag Manager, but other products are sold separately and should be added on if needed.

2. Regular Google Analytics Users

If you are using the free Google Analytics version, then you won’t see many changes. The new set of tools is a paid tier of products, which can be purchased independently from each other.

3. Newcomers

If you have never used  Google Analytics, it is time to consider this service and its opportunities for your company. If you need any capabilities, that lack Google Analytics 360 Suite, contact our team to discuss opportunities and develop your custom solution for business management.

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