How can you get more customers for your business?

Six Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Business


2017 is twelve days old already, so let’s make a New Year’s resolution before it’s too late: “This year I will attract more customers, generate more leads and increase sales”. Now that you have your goal, it’s time to make it a reality.

Every business counts on leads. Its success or failure largely depends on how well your digital sources generate leads and handle them. Unfortunately, many businesspeople believe that a marketing team and a good website guarantee your company an abundance of leads and a top position on the market. However, that is not enough.

A sales lead is a potential consumer of a product or service who shows interest in the details of the deal and provides contact information.

Statistics show that the average conversion rate of a website is around 2%, while businesses at the top are converting at 5% or higher. In other words, only one person out of every hundred who visit your website hands over their contact details. Keep in mind also that not all leads result in purchases; they are merely prospective customers who may leave at any moment.

This is why you need to work hard to generate traffic and convert it into sales. Here are a few tips that will help you rise to the challenge.

1: Communicate with Your Customers Directly

Direct engagement with leads is really important. You may not realise it, but addressing your  clients’ queries directly is more efficient than indirect engagement such as including an FAQ section on your website. Such solutions do not give the visitors a feeling of involvement. To give them this feeling, do the following:

  • Be active on social networks;
  • Talk to your clients via live chat;
  • Create a forum or thread on a popular platform like Quora where you can answer your customers’ questions;

Make customers feel that you are always at their service and ready to help. Engaged customers equals better visibility and more leads.

2: Make Your Best Deals Visible

You run an awesome marketing campaign with great offers and promotions. But are your best deals visible to the customers from where they access your website? There is a 90% chance that consumers will leave your site if they cannot find the right offer in one click.  

  • Make sure your best promotions and offers can be found on every page of your website;
  • Provide information about sales and coupons wherever possible;
  • Seize any chance to promote your most popular products and services.

3: Find Leads on Social Networks

Social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are a great source of potential leads for your business. They provide you with a large amount of data about your customers such as their age, location, interests, what time they are online and much more. This information helps you reach out to the audience that best fits your niche and is more likely to convert them.

  • Create an account on Facebook to inform your customers about your brand and announce sales, events and other activities;
  • Tweet about your company’s news or other engaging facts that may be interesting to your target audience;
  • Make customers share your posts, offering something in reward.

4: Retain Customers with Unique Offers

You put your best deals on every page, offer various promotions and do everything you can to incentivise conversion, but customers aren’t interested and still leave your website. Keep your head up and do the following:

  • Use the moment when the customer is ready to leave to offer something unique that is not available on the website;
  • In return, ask the customer to provide contact details.

5: Market Via LinkedIn

As you probably know, LinkedIn is a social network targeted at businesspeople. It therefore provides a great opportunity to bring new customers to your company as well. The best ways to generate leads from LinkedIn are:

  • Publish useful content with tips and advice for entrepreneurs, startups and everyone interested in business strategy;  
  • Create groups focusing on the topic that may interest your target audience;
  • Ask customers to leave reviews about their experience with your company, giving them something in reward.

6: Generate Leads from Every Page

Use every page of your website to get leads instead of counting on a single landing page with a contact form.

  • Give your customers an opportunity to contact you from any page they visit;
  • Include contact forms, live chat and contact info on every page of your website.
Lead generation may be a tedious task, but there are ways to make it easier and more efficient. One of the best solutions is to build a bespoke CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that is integrated with your engagement tools and social networks, and automatically notifies you about every lead captured. If you’re ready to take full control of the sales process lifecycle and seamlessly communicate with your customers, get in touch. Magora’s experts will be glad to tell you more about our custom CRM development services and consult you on how to maximise conversions for your business.




Mia Lewis
January 12, 2017
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