The Nuts and Bolts of Outsourcing App Development

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How to outsource software development

So you’re on the cusp of outsourcing your app development to a company promising it’ll create a top-notch custom product for your business. There are dozens of offers on the market. How do you choose the right one to suit all your needs and get the best results? This article will help set you on the right path towards outsourcing app development.  

Types and Advantages of Outsourcing

“Outsourcing” derives from the word phrase “outside resource using.” The term itself was entered as a new management concept in 1989 when Eastman Kodak employed third-party contractors for the acquisition, launch and maintenance of its information processing systems.

When it comes to app development, outsourcing makes it possible to get services of higher quality at a lower price, meaning you can focus on performance of core business tasks. However, these are not all the advantages of IT outsourcing.

Here are the main opportunities you can benefit from:

  • Not only controlling and predicting IT costs but considerably reducing them;
  • Introduction of the requisite technology happens much quicker;
  • The company that provides IT services under contract bears full liability for quality of service;
  • No need for search and selection of IT specialists.

Outsourcing covers a broad spectrum of services, from small projects to long-term contracts which are estimated in millions of dollars. Here are some of the most common forms of outsourcing:

Onsite delivery model - the simplest type of outsourcing, when a company locates its qualified employees in client workshops, making them an augmentation of the client’s team. This model of outsourcing is adapted for small firms with close relationships to customers and employing personnel for completing small projects and tasks.

Global delivery model - the classic partnership model provided by the majority of software development agencies. They undertake projects, modules or programs for a client, form a small team onsite which works with the client’s managers and staff and coordinate work with an offshore team which carries out the main workload. This model is a good suit if you need to realise a large-scale project which requires various specialists and skills.

How to Find the Best Companion: Recommendations and Cost Overview

Regardless of delivery model, the cost of outsourcing app development varies and should not be the decisive factor when choosing your IT partner.

Instead, look up their portfolio and check feedback and case studies, then conduct interviews via Skype or in person if there is such opportunity.

  • How do they interact? A good developer should be ready to explain everything in detail, answer questions and consult on every step.
  • Are they pros at what they do? Have a look at their recent projects; pay special attention to design, ask how they fix bugs and solve ongoing problems.
  • Do they deliver on time? Find proven records of finishing apps on time.

How much does it cost to outsource app development? Here are the average hourly rates of  Android and iOS outsourcers by location.

hourly rate
                      North America                     

Latin America




United Kingdom


Eastern Europe




2017 Global Outsourcing Rates

These are general figures gleaned from statistics provided by outsourcing advisor Accelerance. The  exact rates you can get only direct from your developer.

Basic Takeaways

  • Start a partnership with an MVP
  • Communicate
  • Feel free to conduct interviews
  • Provide detailed specifications
  • Opt for work in milestones
  • Have legal issues covered
  • Make sure proper testing and QA are carried out
  • Do not choose the cheapest option

Outsourcing has proven its effectiveness in many areas. Working together with a good IT partner can lead to the increased success, competitiveness and general prosperity of your business. If you’re interested in finding a company that can develop high-quality IT products and do it on time, get in touch with us. Our managers will answer all your questions and provide information on our services and completed projects.



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