6 Features to be Implemented in the Document Management Software

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Document management software for workflow optimisation

Document management systems are used, as the name suggests, to manage different types of documents.

Many of the B2B apps on the market include different features intended to simplify work. For this article we’ve compiled and described the most important of them.

1. Data Storage


What is document management software


Document management software allows you to store all of your enterprise’s important documentation in one place. You’ll have no need to keep huge towers of papers and folders in the office, since all data will be stored on the server.

This is also just the sort of case in which cloud services are very useful, as you don’t need your own server to store data and will also have access to all files online.

  • This is both more convenient and more profitable than owning an internal server and will give your employees more flexible access to documents. It is also worth noting that the data storage function is one of the most popular features in mobile and web app development.

It also has another application of legal relevance: the classification of data for legal purposes and the ability of the person responsible for the audit to retrieve the data – either internally or externally.

2. Format Converter


DMS - file converter


An increasing number of companies are abandoning the old-fashioned methods of document storage in paper form, replacing them with the use of applications.

If you want to accelerate your document flow, you should think about how to transfer data from paper to a digital system and how to cope with any paper documents you may receive in the future.

Modern management solutions offer text recognition functions, as well as allowing you to scan documents and translate them into different digital formats.

  • With such a system in place your employees won’t have to print anything when they receive a letter or document by regular mail – they’ll simply have to scan it and select the most convenient format and the document itself will already be in the system.

Read about our secure file exchange service development case.

3. Integration


DMS integration


You probably use different software in your company, for example, CRM, ERP, BPM and other systems.

Most likely, you would like to implement automatic synchronisation to ensure simple data transfers and ease of work within the team.

Fortunately, this is no longer a problem for many systems and will become even more accessible later if you choose to develop a mobile or web app for your company.

  • You can even develop a single system that will include CRM, ERP and the document management system as separate components of it.

Thus, the data stored in the system will be directly and instantly available to all team members working with other types of corporate software.

4. Working in a Team


working in a team with documents


If the principles of working in your company involve teamwork, you’ll certainly want to give your employees the opportunity to work on the same document simultaneously.

With a custom document management app, they can edit the document, see the changes made by each employee, leave comments and conduct discussions within the document without holding meetings or booking a meeting room. This will save time and allow you to work more effectively on the project.

5. Security and Access Management


data security


Information security is a must for a successful business. If you need to not only protect data from intrusion from the outside but also establish different levels of access for your employees, the document management software will perfectly cope with this task.

You can set different levels of access for each document and control who can view, edit and make comments and suggestions for each file on your system.

This function will ensure that the work goes according to your plans and that your employees are able to see only what they have defined access to.

6. Mobile Version


mobile document management


Since everything is becoming mobile nowadays, don’t forget to make a mobile version along with your web app for document management system.

Doing so will increase the flexibility of the working process for all your staff. This way, should some urgent issue or problem concerning a particular document arise when the relevant employee is already at the airport en route to an overseas conference, he or she will be able to resolve it quickly and easily from a mobile phone or tablet.

Here at Magora, we offer high-quality mobile and web app development services to automate business processes. If you’re looking for new ways to optimise your workflow, drop us a line.



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