Magora’s secure data exchange application: File Mover

File Mover


The owner of a US computer security business that distributes off-the-shelf enterprise software for corporate data protection approached Magora requiring a secure file exchange service to protect internal and external confidential data exchange. The business was looking to offer the product as an addition to its existing out-of-the box solutions for companies with advanced data confidentiality needs such as banks, financial service providers, fintech businesses and consulting firms. Our partner wanted to build a program that would boast an unparalleled level of security and flexible customisation capabilities which similar products on the market lack. Magora’s experts, who already boast solid expertise in information security technologies, rose to the challenge.

Magora: Brief

The first step in the partnership was to formulate the client’s demands into clear and comprehensive software requirement specifications, which we successfully delivered along with the project cost estimation. After approval, we started building the first version of the program. Unanimously, we decided to confine ourselves to the desktop software solution as the safest option.

One of the major challenges of the project was its elaborate architecture. With the involvement of our analysts, developers and architects, we designed a secure system that can be installed on any internally hosted server within any corporation. The system consists of a Windows application for users, a web application for administrators and a standalone server app, with all data processed in a demilitarised zone (DMZ) to ensure an additional layer of security.  

Besides advanced security, File Mover offers broad functionality, allowing users to:

  • Upload files with all types of confidential data including client personal data, credit card information, social security numbers, military ID numbers and other information onto the server;
  • Send SMS codes and verify them, as well as receive notifications when the file is delivered and opened;
  • Store files on the server;
  • Revise file exchange history (sender, file names, file location on the computer/ network, date and time, recipient, type of data);
  • Update to a newer SSL version;
  • Deny a file transfer if the file cannot be read;
  • Receive inbound data transfers from outside parties via web interface (link is received via email) with identity validation required;
  • Scan files for malware on the server via metascan rest API;
  • Encrypt files on the server after the link has expired with the AES-128 bit symmetric-key algorithm.

To provide better security and access control, Magora’s experts implemented two-factor authentication, where the code to the encrypted file is sent to authorised users’ mobile devices every time they receive a file.

Magora: Solution

Having delved into the specifics of data security and file encryption, we delivered a product that met the expectations of the client well before the deadline. After delivery, we conducted rigorous testing, ensuring the app’s stability, fixing bugs and laying the groundwork for further functionality updates.

The client’s company successfully distributes File Mover as part of the out-of-the-box solutions that supplement its core security products. The program’s flexibility, rich set of features and customisation capabilities make it a high demand digital solution for corporations that deal with confidential data.

Magora: Result
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