Eco-Friendly IT Solutions that Minimise Environmental Damage and Save Natural Resources

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Eco-Friendly IT Solutions that Minimise Environmental Damage and Save Natural Resources

The world around us is transforming extremely fast. Unfortunately, exponential economic and industrial growth goes along with natural resource depletion. We are so busy constructing endless residential areas and huge factories the size of entire cities that we often forget about taking care of the environment we live in. In the meantime, every business can contribute to environmental sustainability through smart management of resources made possible by innovative eco-friendly IT solutions from environmentally conscious app developers.

Green Logistics: Reducing the Environmental Impact of Logistics and Transportation

Optimising logistics and transportation fleets through efficient management and planning of goods shipments and fuel consumption can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the industry. This can be achieved through implementation of the following strategies:

    • Real-time routing based on the analysis of current road traffic;
    • A Comprehensive transport management scheme that optimises shipping and reduces fuel wastage;


  • Improved operational efficiency through effective order and delivery management that helps to avoid excessive journeys to and from a shipping company's premises;


  • Fleet reduction and fuel economy, minimising greenhouse gas emissions.

Is it possible to adopt all these eco-friendly measures just by using a single software program? If you take environmental issues seriously and are ready to act to save the planet, absolutely - and at Magora, we have already implemented several such solutions.

Take a look at one of our client case studies: Magora’s Delivery Management System proves that it is absolutely possible to reduce CO2 emissions and maximise the company's ROI, making the best of both worlds.

Energy Efficiency Through Advanced Lighting Management

According to statistics, lighting is the biggest consumer of electric energy in commercial buildings, accounting for an average of 40 percent of consumption. Offices often use inefficient and excessive lighting sources, which not only impacts the environment but also results in high energy costs. Optimising lighting in a single office space can save up to 50% of energy and even more from the company’s budget. And what if we are speaking about a huge warehouse or a large enterprise with thousands of square meters of premises instead of a small office?

The environmental impact of electricity is a major threat to the planet because of the huge amounts of electrical power we use in the modern world. Electricity consumption is growing fast and by the year 2040 it is predicted to grow by 85% of current levels. The main source of electric energy is the burning of coal, which is highly inefficient and harmful as only 35% of its energy generates electricity, the rest being lost as waste heat. To make it even worse, a typical fossil fuel power station consumes water that could support a city with a population of 250,000 people.

This means that integrating a smart lighting software system even within a single enterprise can save enough energy to power an entire city. If every company considered a responsible approach, it would mean that together we could protect the environment from ecological damage. To this end, Magora is honoured to be involved in implementing energy saving IT solutions at the heart of heavy industry.

Magora, in collaboration with Organic Response executives, has created a revolutionary lighting management system that enables companies to fully control their light energy consumption and order maintenance through mobile applications for iOS and Android connected to light sensors. The Organic Response system has already proven its efficiency, increasing energy savings by up to 46%.

Fuel Economy Through Cargo Ship Maintenance

Did you know that it is entirely possible to save up to 1 ton of fuel a day for a single ship? Now imagine that your shipping company has a fleet of 150 ships sailing across the seas and oceans of the world. It’s not so much a matter of saving the ship owner money as it is a matter of environmental protection.

A recent study has found out that a single large container ship can emit cancer and asthma-causing pollutants equivalent to that of 50 million cars. Now, let’s do some simple maths. If each of the 150 ships emits harmful pollutants equal to 50 million cars, then the entire fleet of one small-sized shipping company causes as much damage to the environment as 7500 million cars, which is a lot more than an average number of vehicles of a large country.

The figures are shocking, but there must be a solution. An approved way to economise on fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions is via a cargo ship management system called VPS. The solution was brought to life with the help of Magora’s developers, who take great pride in delivering this eco-friendly solution.

  • The software system connected to sensors installed on ships’ hulls predicts fuel consumption for each specific ship and for the fleet in general.
  • It highlights critical peak levels and informs of wear, incrustation and contamination that slow the ship down, resulting in fuel wastage.
  • VPS has already saved hundreds of tons of fuel for a number of Danish fleet operators and is will contribute further to the wellbeing of our planet through expansion into other regions.

At Magora, we strive to represent eco-friendly innovations, helping to optimise usage of natural resources from paper to fuel, water and energy.




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