Trends for Educational Mobile Apps

Top Trends in Education Apps: From M-Learning to Gamification and VR

Top educational apps review

Technology is transforming the education landscape. How about using it to improve school results, inspire learning and make lessons captivating like never before? Mobile applications are penetrating the educational process, enhancing and sometimes even replacing traditional teaching approaches. There are numerous ways you can utilise these technologies: employee training, school programmes, commercial mobile apps… Let’s explore the latest education app development trends that have emerged in recent years and see how you can apply them to your business.

Mobile Immersive Learning

Immersive learning is great for both students and service providers because it offers a highly engaging educational process to students, encouraging activity, and brings more profit to educational institutions. Education games, IoT learning devices, memory training applications and mobile programs for language learning are some of the most common examples of immersive mobile experiences. The major characteristics of such apps are extensive use of visual content and great interactivity, which makes such products highly attractive to students, builds customer loyalty and provides businesses with ample opportunity for monetisation.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • Classroom teaching. Augmented reality can revolutionise traditional classroom teaching, adding visuals and animation on top of static content to spark a student’s imagination and explain complex concepts in greater detail. VR in turn allows students to fully immerse themselves in the topic being studied and even gives them a chance to interact with various items it would otherwise be impossible to get in a classroom.
  • Employee training. Virtual reality can also be used for employee training within organisations. It saves time and money on transportation because there is no need to transfer employees to remote training centres and enables companies to teach their specialists how to use sophisticated technical equipment in a safe environment without the risk of damaging costly appliances.

Gamification and M-Learning

Focusing on children? Think games. Make learning fun and see children craving further knowledge. Studies show that children retain knowledge better when they gain it while playing a game. The same logic can be applied to grownups to liven up tedious tasks like safety drills.

The major advantage of m-learning apps is easy access to the knowledge base and learning on the go. Take an educational quiz while in transit, listen to an audio course during a walk or attend a class remotely - this is all possible thanks to mobile technology. A great example of an m-learning app is the Training Courses software designed by our developers. The app for Android tablets connects students and teachers, offers instant access to audio, video and text courses and helps students consolidate knowledge through tests and useful exercises, giving teachers an opportunity to monitor their students’ progress.

What Education Mobile App Benefit Can I Profit From Today?

  • Content management systems and built-in messengers can help your education institution manage the curriculum, notify students about events, exams and tests and ensure easy communication between students and teachers.
  • Built-in GPS trackers can be used by university campuses over vast areas encompassing many buildings to help students and professors navigate their environment.
  • Integration with social media provides for better business visibility, informing current and prospective students about courses and events, raising awareness and expanding your client base.
  • Custom software systems can also be beneficial in maintaining document flow and spreading announcements across specific communities within the institution.
  • Rich media content allows students to learn anywhere anytime. For instance, amateur golf players can watch video tutorials and get the hottest golf tips directly on the field thanks to the iOS Golf Tool developed by Magora.

Mobile apps offer many benefits to educational institutions and their students as well as to companies investing in employee training, but at the same time they pose multiple challenges to developers. Data security, marketing activities, enterprise resource planning, storing large amounts of data and ensuring end-to-end communication between all parties requires an in-depth understanding of mobile technologies. Magora’s experts have a solid background in delivering educational apps that are flexible, user-friendly, updated on a regular basis and 100% secure. You can always rely on us to assist you with professional advice and empower your business with cutting-edge m-learning applications.





Max Summers
June 28, 2017
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