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Distance Learning: How to Win with your own eLearning Platform

Distance learning in business

Distance learning, or eLearning, is one of the most convenient ways to obtain additional education, which is widely used by individuals and enterprises.  Pursue self-study or create an effective system for training employees, or even your own platform for selling the SaaS to educational organisations. This hot segment is a good means of investment, be it internal staff education or a separate business project.

Education is a very broad concept with many branches, and there are many use cases to which eLearning technologies can be applied from those involving small children to those for senior managers of large corporations and therefore require different methodologies, approaches and functions.

Today we’ll talk about the ways you can use eLearning apps for business.

Training and Adaptation of Employees


eLearning for employees training


Training of employees is important for every company, ensuring their professional development. The introduction of eLearning systems improves the processes of adaptation and training of employees, thus increasing their effectiveness.

For example, in an app for training factory workers, the implementation of virtual reality technology is an excellent option.

Or imagine a mobile app that allows you to send office employees videos on various topics, tests and tasks to allow them to gain necessary skills.

Another example of an eLearning app solution is the adaptation of new employees of the company. You can provide them with courses designed to meet your company's requirements for quick integration into the working environment. Read about our eLearning development case.

Commercial Courses


This picture is taken from the site courses


Education is not always a free service. A lot of schools, universities and colleges offer specialised courses in various subjects. Most programs can easily be transferred to digital eLearning systems by developing mobile and web apps.

This allows you to reach a wider audience with no relocation, since the business will not be tied to a specific place. You won’t need to rent premises and your customers will be able to study in the conditions most suitable for them.

These can be programming, cooking or needlework courses, as well as academic courses such as art, science and literature you can find suitable solutions in the field of mobile and web development for almost every type of product.

Our team at Magora offers development of custom software solutions to let your company create your own platform for distance learning. We’ve been designing SaaS systems for years and one of our relevant examples is an educational golf tool created for our customers from Chicago who decided to try mobile coaching.

Schools and Academic Institutes


distance learning technologies for schools


No matter how well-established a classical education is, technical innovation is in most cases only for the better. eLearning applications for schools, colleges and universities can include different functionalities depending on the goals of the product and the target audience.

These could be curriculum planning and monitoring of its implementation for students and teachers, an application for schoolchildren to manage the learning process and obtain evaluations, an interactive application for more effective memorisation of the material and so on.

Possible situations for the use of such applications are numerous, so that ideas are limited only by the imagination of their creators and the limits of existing technologies. Get inspiration from our eLearning development project.

eLearning for Children


children using eLearning


For children in particular, education and training are an integral part of life. The transformation of these processes into interesting entertainment will definitely give excellent results. The eLearning app can achieve this via many different features and functions.

It can be a vibrant interactive eLearning app for the youngest who are just learning to speak and for those who are already learning to read, as well as for younger pupils.

Goals may vary, but the basic characteristics of eLearning apps remain the same. They must be:

  • Bright
  • Interactive
  • Informative
  • Able to offer an intuitive interface.

Additionally, such features as augmented reality will make children love your product and make the learning process effective and exciting.

Read more about education app development trends and find inspiration.

Our specialists have considerable knowledge and experience,allowing them to create effective eLearning SaaS applications and give reasonable recommendations for your project taking into account all the features and requirements. Have a project to discuss? Just drop us a line.






Diana Maller
September 25, 2018
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