Top Ideas for Local Marketing

Hot tips for local marketing from the Magora team

Today we’ve collected a list of the top local marketing ideas to help you cope with this task.

Make Sure Your Business Shows Up in Local Search Results.

When people go online to look for the products and services you offer, your main goal is to be one of the first names to appear in the search results.

Make sure your company’s listed accurately in as many online catalogues as possible (e.g. Yelp, - this is crucial for rankings in local search results for search engines like Google. More lists ensure your business appears in more local searches, which translates directly into more customers looking for your services. If you don’t have one, click here for a free listing on and increase your company's visibility in local searches.

1. Use Local Information.

When a person is searching on a mobile device, Google will prioritise the use of local business information, so your company should have a local phone number, address and local directories online.

It's important to remember that search rankings are not static. If your company has managed to rank in the top three in a local search, you need to be proactive in maintaining that position as there are always others striving for the top rankings. Read more about how to enforce your marketing efforts with Google’s Micro Moments.

2. Get Keyword-Specific Content.

Describe as closely as possible your company’s location and the services or products you offer. For example, if you sell furniture in London, do not just sell "UK furniture" - instead, promote separate products, e.g. "buy office desk in London". You can use Google Adword (more options for the keyword research are provided by SEMrush or Swiss Made Marketing to check the most widely used keywords in your business, make a list of those you think are the most relevant and optimise your content so that your clients can find you.

3. Mobile-Optimised Websites Are Essential for Small Businesses.

Statistics shows that about 80% of local searches from mobile devices turn into inquiries, so your business needs to provide customers with comprehensive information available on the go. That means your website should be responsive. It should look good and work well on mobile devices. Learn CSS tricks for responsive design.

4. Use Facebook Ads to Target Users in Your Area.

Advertising on Facebook is the most economical option among potential new customers, so don’t forget to post ads on Facebook for your city. The most you can do is a few subway stations or a 10/20/50-mile radius. The ads can also increase the number of people participating in local activities. I suggest each company spends $1 per day. Read more on how to optimise the content you share via Facebook.

5. Reuse Successful Content in Your Social Media Channels.

Did your blog post on Facebook get a lot of likes and comments? Then rewrite it without copy-pasting and put it on Twitter. Small businesses may be better suited to producing high-quality content segments that can be shared across all media channels, rather than tailoring content to each one that goes unnoticed.

6. Declare and Optimise Your Google Business Page.

When customers search for your services online, your business information (such as working hours, photos and comments) can appear on the search engine results page. This information comes from your Google My Business page. Make sure you have declared your web page and completed your personal data as detailed as possible.

7. Compete with Large Businesses by Providing Incredible Customer Service.

You should constantly strive to exceed customer expectations. If you have an idea of what should be implemented but need a critical opinion or friend’s advice, contact Dima - live:lebedev_121 - our consultant.

Do something special when the customer least expects it. This is the fastest way to expand your business. If you provide an incredible customer experience, they will provide more business than you can handle. Read how chatbots can help you improve the user experience.

Think of Each Connection as a Potential Relationship, not a Potential Sale


build relations with local clients


You can send personal information to all respondents to participate in your social media activities, or establish relationships by sending thank-you notes or holiday greetings.

Small businesses do not need to catch the eye of the world. You need to establish trusted business relationships with clients who will recommend them to others.

In a local consumer assessment survey it was found that about 71% of consumers would leave feedback when asked. This reinforces the need for companies to establish good relationships with their clients.


  • Many consumers prefer small firms, as corporations simply don’t have enough time to maintain a dialogue with their audience. This is your chance to get competitive gain.
  • Content marketing is convenient for small business promotion - determine your target audience, choose the right keywords and tell customers what opportunities they receive by choosing your offer.
  • Relocating and reusing content allows you to send targeted messages to your customers.
  • Be careful with feedback - many positive comments obtained in the short time may seem suspicious, which means they can be tagged and filtered on the comments platform. Slowly ask for customer feedback, from time to time, and don’t overdo it.

You can also build your own app for business to support your marketing efforts, and our team is here to bring your project to life. Contact us to discuss how app development can help your local business become international.



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